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If you are looking for the best essay writing service, look no further than MyAssignmentHelp. Like essay typer, we do not pull up already published essays related to your topic. We have a team of professional essay writing service experts.

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Essay Typer or Essay Writing Services: What Would You Choose?

We offer a custom essay writing service for a better education!

It is a well-known fact that to procure a better education, you need to avail college essay writing services from time to time. Academic assignments make up 70% of the total scoring marks and can help boost your overall grades by 5%. In case you are very busy with other important tasks and simply don't have the time to work on these complicated assignments, you should turn towards an online custom writing service.

But there's a difference between keyword-based Essay Typer and superior customized essay writing services offered by MyAssignmentHelp Australia.

The former is a machine that generates pre-written essays based on the topic you feed it, whereas the latter offers well-researched assignments. We have a team of 4500+ professional academic writers working with our company to provide you with the best college essay writing service Australia wide!

Is essay typer legit?

Examining the topic in a more detailed fashion, we can see that there are three kinds of essay writing services:

  • Artificial intelligence-based software to generate essays
  • Non-professional writing service providers
  • Professional essay writers

Here's a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of each type of service provider.

Pros of using AI-based Essay Typer:

  • Free of cost: This is the most important advantage of using an essay typer service. In case you don't have any specific requirements for your assignment, you can simply put in the topic and get a free pre-written essay within seconds.
  • Never late to deliver due to the absence of human intervention: The use of AI-based essay typer helps you avoid the stress that comes with a writing deadline. You can always get a free sample for your essay and have more time to edit it before submitting an error-free assignment.
  • It generates essays based on the keywords in your essay topic: This kind of software is programmed to generate essays that are related to the topic you feed it. However, if your topic lacks enough keywords or any mistakes are made in the process, the result would be gibberish.

Cons of using AI-based Essay Typer

  • Artificial intelligence essays are not well researched: While these essays are relevant to the topic, they lack in-depth research. If you want a well-researched assignment for your course, you should definitely go with professional essay writing service providers like MyAssignmentHelp Australia.
  • Artificial intelligence essays may not be error-free: Due to the absence of human intervention, there is no way for such apps to guarantee 100% error-free output. Professional essay writers are much better equipped to provide you with error-free essays compared to any automatic software!
  • It doesn't provide any uniqueness in the essay: There is a very high probability of more than one student using the same free essay you are looking at. This can cost you your grades since most professors are aware of how this software work!

Pros of using non-professional essay writers

  • Offer cheap essay writing services:Since these writing services do not have a team of professional writers, they offer cheap essay writing services to students. You can get your essays within a day or two and time is money!
  • Offer original content:If you want 100% original content for your essay, non-professional writing services can provide it! But since they do not have a team of professional writers, the quality is bound to suffer in certain cases.
  • Friendly customer support service available: There's always someone to help you out with your assignment and that too for free! This is a great advantage if you ever need any kind of clarification regarding the content. But sometimes, non-professional essay writers vanish after receiving your money and you have no way to track them.

Cons of using non-professional essay writers

  • Quality not guaranteed: Quality is a big concern when you are using a non-professional writing service. It can be of low, medium or high standard, but the result may not be 100% error-free as these people are not professionals.
  • Unethical practices such as copying, plagiarism or cheating:You may have heard many cases where students were caught copying content from online sources or using cheat sheets during exams. This is possible because of these non-professional essay writing services who are not well versed with the ethics involved in academic writing.
  • Late delivery as it takes time to produce an original essay for every customer: It takes time to have a customer-specific essay prepared by the writers. So you are bound to wait for your order even if it is urgent.
  • No guarantee of maintaining privacy or confidentiality: The use of non-professional essay writing services may lead to leakage of personal information, which can be dangerous when talking about important coursework.
  • Inadequate amount of research cases poor grades: It's always better to choose an essay writing service with a team of professional writers since they provide well-researched content and 100% original material.

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Why does choosing professional essay writers to make the most sense?

  1. Experience of professional writers is invaluable: Professional essay writing services have a team of experienced and skilled academic writers who can provide you exceptional content within no time.
  2. 100% original and plagiarism-free material: Since they have professional and expert content developers, there is close to zero chance of any kind of plagiarized or copied work getting through.
  3. A team of writers providing multiple services: You can get an essay, research paper, or coursework written by a team of professional academic writers.
  4. Customer-specific approach to assignment writing: Every order is taken care of individually with no delay whatsoever.
  5. Timely delivery enabled through bulk orders: Professional custom essay writing services usually offer discounts on large orders so this can help you save some money.
  6. Guaranteed customer satisfaction: Since they have a team of professional writers, there is a very low chance of a complaint from any client.

Is essay typer plagiarized?

Yes, it is. Essay typer or any other similar tool that depends on a database of recycled essays and will always be plagiarized since they provide copied content to their customers.

However, the fact that these sites are not willing to invest in a team of professional writers and rather use amateur freelancers is unethical and can lead to poor grades.

In conclusion, essay typer will not provide you with a good grade and it is always advisable to choose a professional essay writing service that has a team of experienced writers.

Can you use essay typer for college?

No, you can't. Since they use a database of recycled essays, students may face plagiarism issues. This is why using them for your academic projects is not recommended.

Essay typer or essay writing services are both helpful when it comes to academic content creation. However, the former one has no guarantee of quality while the latter provides 100% original material with guarantees of privacy, confidentiality, and timely delivery options.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a professional essay writing service if you need reliable content for your coursework.

Can teachers tell if you use essay typer?

They can, but most of the time they won't. Teachers are more concerned about whether you have done the research and handed in original content. However, it is good to be aware of their plagiarism checker so that you don't get failed for recycling essays from non-professional essay writing services such as essay typer.

You can get rid of these worries by using the professional essay writing services offered by us. Our experts write your essays from scratch and provide you plagiarism-free as well as well-researched content on time.

Is there a website that will write my essay for me?

MyAssignmentHelp Australia offers essay writing services, custom dissertation help, and assignment assistance online. We have a team of expert academic writers that are highly qualified and experienced. Our experts have helped thousands of students in their academic journey.

We guarantee:

  • 100% original custom-written content: MyAssignmentHelp team provides custom-written essays, dissertations, and coursework. We have a strict policy to provide original content to our customers so that they do not get failed for using non-original material from other websites. We check all essays and academic papers for plagiarism before sending them to our customers.
  • Secure payment options: We accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal as the mode of payment. This helps us provide a secure shopping experience for our customers.
  • Timely delivery with free revisions: We provide a turnaround time of 24 hours for orders that are placed before 12 pm EST on weekdays. For longer assignments, we will do our best to deliver your assignments within 72 hours. We also offer a free revision facility to our clients if they are not satisfied with the completed essays.
  • 24 hours email, phone, and live chat support: We provide 24 hours email, phone, and live chat support to our customers so that whenever they need help regarding their college coursework or assignment; they can talk directly to our experts through these channels.
  • Affordable rates: We understand that students are looking for an essay writing service that is within their budget but delivers good quality essays. We provide all these services at a very reasonable rate so that our customers do not have to worry about spending extra on their coursework, assignment, or dissertation.

Contact us for your essay writing needs and we will provide you with exceptional content within no time. 100% original work is guaranteed!

Frequently ask question?

Essay typer tool is not a professional essay writing service. Since they are recycling essays from their database, students may risk plagiarism detection which would result in failing the assignment or even expulsion for cheating. Our essay typers are human experts and can intelligently create original essays.
Our experts are good at creating original essays. While formatting your essay using standard methods (MLA, APA etc.) is not considered plagiarism; it becomes plagiarized if the original content is copied without giving credit to its author or original source.
If you submit the assignment through a regular process; there is a good chance that your teacher will not know you used an essay writing service. You can always use our reliable and professional essay writing services to complete your order on time and deliver it directly to your professor.
MyAssignmentHelp provides plagiarism free as well as original content; we check all our essays, academic papers for plagiarism and errors before sending them to our clients. Our experts provide timely delivery with free revisions and 24×7 support.
MyAssignmentHelp provides essay writing services for an affordable price with guaranteed plagiarism free and original content. We can't offer free essays because we write custom essays only for you.
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