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Here's the best grammar checkers online. Our human experts are experienced editors and help you find mistakes in your writing and improve your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our high-quality grammar checking experts are professionals.

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The Best Grammar Checker for Australian Students!

Many Australian students use free online grammar checkers for their essays; however, many find these grammar checkers to be ineffective, especially when used in Australian English. This article discusses some of the problems with free online grammar checkers and offers some solutions for students wanting good quality corrections of their written work.

Free Grammar Checker Problems

One problem that Australian students would face when using free online grammar checkers is that they are often based on British English or American English. This means that the majority of corrections would not be relevant to Australian students' use of language, particularly when it comes to spelling. For instance, American spellings such as "awkward" and "flavor" may be marked as incorrect even if these words are commonly used in Australian writing.

A second problem would be the lack of detail in feedback on grammatical errors. Free online grammar checkers are often not comprehensive enough for advanced-level students who are studying tertiary courses that require extensive attention to detail, such as the sciences, engineering, and law. The following example is of one free online grammar checker's analysis of an essay.

"There is an error in this sentence. And here's the corrected version: There are several well-documented benefits of dance to physical and mental health."

This type of feedback simply does not provide enough information for Australian students, who should be informed about what specific rule they broke to avoid making the same mistake again. The following is an example of the kind of detail that should be provided:

"There is an error in this sentence. The singular 's' should not be used at the end of a noun phrase (especially when discussing multiple benefits). Here's the corrected version: There are several well-documented benefits of dance to physical and mental health."

Free vs Professional Grammar Checking Service

On the other hand, many paid grammar checker services use Australian English and provide detailed feedback on students' writing. The following is an example of one professional online grammar checker's analysis:

"There is an error in this sentence. The plural 'increases' should be used with the singular form of 'home energy', not the plural form of 'costs'. Here's the corrected version: This dramatic increase in home energy costs has resulted in lower levels of disposable income."

An advantage that professional grammar checkers have over free ones is that they can provide detailed feedback on students' writing, which can help them to avoid making the same mistakes in future assignments. Paid grammar checkers at MyAssignmentHelp Australia also come with flexible plans that suit all budgets and there is a range of options available that cater to different levels of study.

We have human experts to help you with your grammar!

To provide the best possible service, MyAssignmenthelp.net.au has a team of experts in language and writers who can help Australian students with their assignments and essays and provide detailed feedback on written work. Hiring human experts from us is a lot better than using AI-based grammar checking tools because they can provide feedback on the grammatical rules involved in Australian English.

The editors we hire to help you with grammar are:

  • Well-educated; have at least a Master's degree, if not a PhD
  • Are familiar with Australian English and the standards of writing expected in different industries, for example, science, engineering, and law
  • Well-versed with academic writing styles and referencing styles

If you're looking for quality editing and proofreading services, then MyAssignmenthelp.net.au is the only place that you should consider. We have a range of packages available to suit all budgets and we also offer discounts throughout the year. We also offer essay writing services, assignment help, and dissertation writing services. We guarantee you high marks with our experts' support!

MyAssignmentHelp Australia grammar checkers point out grammar mistakes instantly!

So if you want to get your paperback quickly, then it is best not to waste time by using grammar checking tools that can only show general issues in your writing without providing detailed feedback on the rules involved. Instead of wasting time on these free online grammar checkers, why not hire our experts instead? We guarantee high marks for every single essay.

Our grammar checkers study each paper carefully and are experienced enough to spot follow types of errors instantly:

  • Subject-verb agreement errors
  • Tense consistency errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation and capitalization errors
  • Word choice, wrong word usage, and wrong prepositions
  • Fragments and run-on sentences, comma splices, and fused sentences

and more.

Our Best Experts

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We help you use words appropriately!

College students in Australia often stumble on choosing the right words for academic writing. They often make mistakes like:

  1. Using a plural form of a word when the grammatical rule demands you to use a singular form
  2. Starting a sentence with a conjunction, for example 'and', 'but', or 'so'.
  3. Using passive tense when the active tense is needed.
  4. Using a writing style that is too informal for academic writing
  5. Using incorrect terminology for a certain field of study
  6. Using ambiguous language and waffling
  7. Not using the right sentence structure or writing style for the kind of assignment they are doing.
  8. Mixing up homophones and using them incorrectly in an essay.
  9. Using words that are too long for the context they're used in
  10. Write a dull paper

and more.

For example, we recently worked on an essay where one student mixed up 'practice' and 'practice' and used the former when they should have used the latter.

There are many free grammar checkers online, but students should avoid using them. Whenever you're in doubt about a sentence, it's best to hire professional editors to look at your work instead.

Grammar checker service that enables you to write more in less time!

Once you complete research, it doesn't take much time for students to write the first draft of their assignment. But they spend hours polishing it later. So instead of wasting your time polishing one assignment, you can spend the time on something else. And this is where our professional editors come into play!

You can provide us with all your written work and we'll send it back to you within the deadline. We guarantee high marks for every paper when you use our grammar checker service!

We edit essays, coursework, research papers, and more. So you can leave all your writing tasks to us, whether it's an assignment for school or uni. We're fast and efficient in providing quality editing services. Once students receive their edited essay back from us within the deadline they've given, they don't even need to do any further proofreading.

Get top-notch quality grammar checking service when you need it the most!

Our professional editors are experienced enough to understand your needs and requirements. They provide you with high-quality service at affordable prices. We offer discounts throughout the year, so students can get essay editing services for less during our sales or when they get custom essays from us.

Every assignment our experts work on is of top-notch quality because of their experience in the English language. They've been trained to edit essays, coursework, and research papers on a wide variety of topics - from marketing to chemistry, finance to education, and more.

We work 24X7. It means you can contact us and hire our editors at any hour of the day or night. We have round-the-clock customer support so you can get in touch with us whenever you want!

Hire us today and we will help you ace your mark beyond your expectations!

How to hire a grammar checker from MyAssignmentHelp Australia?

MyAssignmentHelp Australia provides the best grammar checker service for students in Australia. You can hire us anytime at affordable rates to get assistance with your assignment or coursework. We ensure that you get high grades for every paper when you use our service!

To hire our experts, you should:

  • Submit your assignment or coursework online to us
  • Provide the date for submission of the completed assignment
  • Provide your contact details so we can send you a confirmation email with further information
  • Once you have provided all these details, you need to make the payment. This is a one-time fee and after that, everything is free! You don't need to pay anything after you receive your assignment back from us.

So what are you waiting for? Just fill in the online request form to hire a grammar checker today! You can also contact our customer support team to get started with assignment editing and proofreading services.

Frequently ask question?

Grammar checker services on our site start from only $10 per page, which means you pay less for editing services from us. The exact price will depend on the urgency of your deadline and academic level. We will send you a detailed price quote first. If you agree, pay us online to confirm the order.
You can choose either email or upload delivery service when you hire our professionals. If you select the first option, we will send your edited document through email. The second option is instant delivery which means you have to upload the document on our site after placing an order with us and download it once its done.
You will get an edited assignment of the same size you have provided. We dont offer academic editing services for specific page numbers, but we allow any number of pages in total. Our experts will not alter your content in any way. They just correct grammar mistakes and other kinds of errors to make it readable and neat.
We check all assignments and coursework with stringent editing and proofreading methods. We also conduct plagiarism checks to ensure that the work is unique and original. Still, you can ask for free revisions if you feel that our experts have not met your requirements. Just contact us through phone or email to discuss the changes and we will send it back within a short turnaround time.
You dont need to worry about the quality of our assignment editing services because we provide high-quality content without any grammatical mistakes or typos. Once you receive your edited assignment back, you can do the proofreading.
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