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Proofreading can elevate the quality of your assignments up to 20 times! Get your assignment proofread by an expert at affordable prices only from MyAssignmentHelp.

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Polish Your Assignments with Online Proofreading Services 

Writing an essay or any kind of assignment like case studies, research papers, term papers, or other writeups is a tricky task in itself. But, the process does not end there. Any written assignment is incomplete without proofreading. Proofreading polishes your essay and ensures that it is written correctly. At My Assignment Help Australia, we provide proofreading help to students of all educational levels so that they can submit 100% accurately written assignments and earn better grades. We have a team of expert proofreaders who check the entire document and ensure that there are no errors in the language whatsoever. Let us see more about our effective proofreading help. 

What is Proofreading? 

Proofreading is a process of finding errors in a text such as grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and inconsistencies in the language. Proofreading would also consider typographical errors and formatting errors in a document. It is generally the last step taken once you have finished your assignment. Do not consider proofreading as a simple task as it requires you to read your assignment carefully and look for all kinds of errors in the language. 

Why Do You Need to Proofread Your Assignments? 

Proofreading plays a significant role in writing. To explain this to you, we would like to share an example with you. Just read the given paragraph. 

“At some point in their life, all people face the challenge to enter the labour market, hoping to find a great job. However, there was an ongoing debate about what future employers look for, university education or hands-on experience. In my opinion, it all depends on the nature of the job one aspires to.”

This is an introductory paragraph of an opinion essay, Did you see the words that are underlined? There are some mistakes that result in decreasing the impact of the introduction. Once your teacher will read this they will focus more on the mistakes and less on what you want to convey through your writing. 

This is why proofreading is important. Proofreading ensures that there are no mistakes in writing. It enhances the quality and presentation of your writing and establishes your authority. Suppose you read a book with many typography errors, it is likely that you will not consider the author a professional writer but a novice. The same concept applies to your assignments. 

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How is Proofreading Different from Editing? 

Here comes the interesting part! Most of our academic assignment writers and proofreading experts always hear this question. While many students assume that proofreading is the same as editing, they often ask us to edit their work. This ends up creating major changes in their assignment or sometimes no changes at all! So, you must understand when you need to send us an editing request or a proofreading request. 

Editing is a process that is performed at every stage of assignment writing. Whether you are finalising the first draft of the assignment or just creating the outline of your assignment. Proofreading, on the other hand, is done once the assignment writing is complete. 

Editing focuses on core errors such as logic, clarity, readability, usage of arguments, and errors in narration. It might also include elaborating on a particular topic or reducing the word count of the assignment. Proofreading focuses more on surface errors like grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting issues. Proofreading does not intend to increase or decrease the word count of your assignment. 

Editing improves the overall quality of assignments and makes them more impactful. It ensures that the assignment fulfils what is expected of it. Proofreading, on the other hand, makes sure that the assignment is written correctly. It has nothing to do with the context of the assignment. 

So, we guess now you know when you need an assignment editing service and you need to consult an expert proofreading service. At myassignmenthelp, we provide both services. 

Why Take Help in Proofreading Your Assignments? 

Mistakes are a part of writing! If you think that you are going to create an assignment that has no spelling or grammar issues, you are mistaken. Every writer requires a proofreader since it is natural to make some mistakes in grammar and spelling. This is because when we write in our own words, our main aim is to get the idea across and we do not focus much on the language aspects. This is when proofreading comes to our rescue and helps us polish our words. 

Moreover, we cannot expect students to be expert writers who can write an assignment correctly without making any mistakes. Therefore, it is perfectly alright to consult an expert who can guide you and help you unravel your mistakes in writing. 

Get the Best Proofreading Assistance from Professional Proofreaders

A professional proofreader can turn your assignment upside down and create a masterpiece out of it. Being experts in academic writing and the English language, these proofreaders have an eye for detail. With a quick glance, they are able to uncover major mistakes in writing. MyAssignmentHelp Australia has a complete team of proofreading experts. They are quick. They are accurate and they are someone who can help you receive that A grade on your assignment. 

What makes our proofreading service the best in Australia

  • We use proofreading tools that can find mistakes in writing in a matter of seconds. 
  • Every assignment that we receive is first checked using a proofreading tool and then by an expert proofreader. 
  • The proofreading tool finds out 90% of the mistakes in your assignment but the rest 10% are taken care of by our experts. 
  • Our experts also check whether every assignment adheres to the writing guidelines given by the institution. This includes the academic writing style, formatting or citation rules. 

What’s included in our proofreading service

  • Correct format and structure. We make sure that the structure of your assignment is correct. For instance, whether the paragraphs are equally divided, is there a proper introduction and a proper conclusion in your assignment and so on. 
  • Grammar checks. Our proofreading experts look for missing punctuation, incorrect punctuation, missing pronouns, lack of subject-verb agreement, overuse of the passive voice, misplaced modifiers, and many such grammar mistakes. 
  • Referencing and citation checks. We will review your bibliography and footnotes to make sure that you have used the formatting tool correctly. 
  • Word count check. We also provide assistance with word counts and make sure that you manage to meet the required word count limit. If we think that more words can be added or the word count can be reduced, we assign the task to our editors. 
  • Relevance of content. Although this is part of the editing process, we offer it in our proofreading service as well. We make sure that the assignment you have written answers the question correctly and that its content is relevant to what is asked in the assignment. 

Why MyAssignmentHelp Australia Should be Your First Choice for Proofreading 

Best Proofreading Experts: When we hire a proofreading expert, we make sure that they have an eye for detail. We test their skills quite a few times and hire them only when we think that they will be compatible with the kind of work we provide. This makes our team the best of the best! Try checking out our free proofreading samples to understand our quality and level of writing. 

Both Manual and Automated Proofreading Provided: We not only use the latest proofreading tools but we also check every assignment manually to remove any scope of errors. This makes your assignment doubly ensured. Whether it is an essay, thesis, research paper, term paper, case study, or any other academic document, we can proofread it! 

Affordable Assignment Proofreading Help: We understand that we are dealing with students. If we were given a choice, we would have offered a free proofreading service to all. But, unfortunately, we have to pay something to our staff which is why we charge a fee from the students. However, we make sure that we charge as minimally as possible. 

Super Quick Delivery: We value your time which is why we always adhere to the deadlines. We understand that students are always in a hurry and want to complete their work on time. This is why we offer timely delivery of proofread assignments. Consider our student reviews to know more about our delivery times and swiftness! 

24/7 Proofreading Assignment Help: Yes, we offer a round-the-clock proofreading service. So whether you complete your assignment at 2 am or whether you complete it at 9 pm, we are here to start proofreading it quickly. 

Send us a quick message or fill in the contact form on our website to get in touch with us. Send us your assignment details and we will provide you with a quote. You can check the quote and if everything is fine, just make the payment and relax. Our team will get the work done. It is time to elevate the quality of your assignments through proofreading.

Frequently ask question?

There are many factors involved in proofreading but the top 4 include grammar, referencing and citation, tone and spelling mistakes.
Of course, we can! Our team is here to help you proofread your essay quickly. Just send us your assignment and sit back and relax.
First, you will be able to submit a high-quality assignment. Second, you will understand the mistakes you generally commit in writing so that you can work on them and improve your writing style.
Since you have written the assignment on your own, it is pretty difficult to spot your own errors. However, when you are reading someone else’s work you read it with a fresh perspective and can easily spot the errors. This is why you must hire a professional to proofread your work.
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